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Back in 2004 the beautiful and mystical landscapes of the Black Forest inspired a few friends to start the Finsterforst project. The idea was to transform the atmosphere of the Black Forest into music, embodying the spirit for what this epic southwestern german forest landscapes stand for: independency, freedom, unorthodoxy.

This is the era of Black Forest Metal



08.03.2024 - Estrado, Haderwijk, NL
09.03.2024 - StudioGonz, Gouda, NL
16.03.2024 - Mead & Greed Festival, Resonanzwerk, Oberhausen, DE
09.-11.05.2024 - Dark Troll Festival, Bornstedt, DE
29.06.2024 - Hörnerfest Open Air, Brande-Hörnerkirchen, DE
19.07.2024 - Club Melodka, Brno, CZ
20.07.2024 - X Slowianska Noc Folk-Metalowa, Brenna, PL
28.09.2024 - Fensch Viking Fest 4, Florange, FR
08.-10.11.2024 - War against War, ORWOhaus, Berlin, DE