Last date for Rastlos Rauhnächte tour confirmed!
Saturday, 2nd of November 2013

Yeah, it's done! Grafenau has joined the incredibly blessed citys which will witness the ultimate X-mas aftershow party! If you live anywhere close to one of the locations don't miss out on the action! No one beats father time, but we sure will beat the living hell out of Father Christmas ;-)

Did I say good news?
Wednesday, 2nd of October 2013

Actually it's great news! Thought it would take a few more days to become official, but here it is: we're going to play a little tour between Christmas and New Year along with the great Odroerir and Fimbulvet. Two dates missing, but 4 nights of total insanity are already set! Be there or die trying!

Finsterforst in the monastery
Tuesday, 1st of October 2013

Thanks to all you guys at Rock for Roots who lasted long enough to see our show! Though it was late at night we still had a great time! As always a great festival, superb crew and thanks to Freddy for all the Jack afterwards ;-)
Monastery you ask? Well, we played in Souilly (France), a nice small town near Verdun. Most people didn't know us before, but they still managed to tear down the roof (metaphorical that is, no party animals were harmed). Catering and accommodation were in a convent nearby. Just try to imagine drunken Finsterforst raiding a convent after their show. But there was more to come: one of the organizers was the pastor! Heck, the guy even plays in a metal band and already tried the acoustics of the church. Unbelievable guy, we're tipping our imaginary hats!
So much for now, but prepare for good news in the near future

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